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Collected my civic finally yesterday evening... went for Unique Paint Preservation System(PPS) this afternoon.

Overall, I must say that I am very satisfied with the work done by Unique Let me briefly describe the experience for those bros/sis interested in doing PPS for their car as well...

Unique uses PTFE products from USA, as I was witnessing the whole process on how my car was prepared for the application, I managed to chat with the boss on many issues regarding PPS. Unique has been in the business for many years and they actually tried many PPS products before, including a few of them currently used by their competitors (boss showed me samples). They finally settled on their current product range for maximum durability, protection and shine... Furthermore, their prices are one of the most competitive in the market for PTFE coating (

What you get for the money u paid:
1) normal shampoo wash to remove dust and dirt
2) chemical wash (with 2 types of chemicals) to remove wax/polish and other chemicals on the paintwork, stripping the car to purely only paint
3) removal of swirls marks, scratches on the bare paint
4) restoring the paint to perfect condition and shine (with machine bought from USA)
5) sealing the paint with a layer of PTFE coating (with machine bought from USA)
6) touching up, vacumn, tyre shine etc
= total about 5 hours!

U will get a 2 years warrenty (for new cars) or a 1.5 years warrenty. A bottle of Cleaner and a piece of mircofibre cloth. Weekly plain water wash or with mild car shampoo is enough to maintain the PTFE coating shine. Overall very good, detailed and friendly service provided.

--- raikan ---

Firstly, I would like to thank you for adding me onto the list for the PPS discount. It was money well spent and would encourage others to do the same.

I collected my Civic Si yesterday and had gone for my PPS at unique today. My experience there was very gratifying as the people there are very professional and helpful especially Sherine. She even went down personally to inspect the work done on my car. The job took 5 hours to complete but I'm not complaining as it was a job well done!! As my car is Black in colour, it needed more attention as any small flaws can be detected easily and i also fitted full Mugen bodykit from KM therefore more time is required.

The only setback is that it rained heavily on my way home after the PPS.. I had to take shelter at a multi-storey carpark until the rain stop.

--- William ---

Went down to unique yesterday and got my PPS done on my baby. Only one word to describe their service. EXCELLENT! They even managed to remove the minor scratches I got on the bumper.

Only down side is that when I picked up my baby after the grooming session yesterday was pouring! I really hope that it will not affect the gross.....but Chan (The owner) gave me the assurance....if any problem, just bring back the car...he will do his magic!

Finally, a big thank you to bro Xtreme....great recommendation. Must say Unique is really service orientated.

---coolbear ---

I actually went back to Unique today for some follow up services.

Reason: It should be due to the construction area nearby where I parked my car, the paint surface actually lost its smoothness, got sand blasted and some scratches, luckily its not too serious. So I had those minor scratches fixed today, surface touched up and special thanks to UNIQUE for applying an additional layer of PTFE to protect my car . Now its back to the original shine again! So just some words of advice, be careful of where u park your car!

Another piece of info to share which i heard today from Unique's boss, for those who have gone or are going for Unique PPS, after the PPS, if your car happens to be scratched by inconsiderate people , Unique actually have a cream to conceal the scratches provided they are not too deep. However, its not permanent, after 6 months or so, reapplication is needed to conceal it again. Moreover, the area of application will not be covered under the warrenty program. Advantage is that u do not need to go for respray or paint touch up. For more info, find out from the boss when u r there doing the PPS.

Thus far, I have not regretted choosing Unique for PPS service. Those still considering, if you can spare the $2xx bucks, go for it! u will be pleased with the results and protection offered!

--- raikan ---

"I dropped by at Unique yesterday also, to see for myself the quality and workmanship of the PPS. Must say I am quite pleased. I saw 2 black cars being applied, a Civic and an Odyssey.

Sherine is very friendly and accommodating. I told her that I am still contemplating on installing a bodykit, which is why I have not applied PPS earlier. She says if I really go for a bodykit later, she will reapply the PPS for the untreated areas at a small fee.
I strongly recommend to those who are still undecided on where to go for PPS, do it at Unique."

--- Blackmask ---

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